Harmony is an Android app that provides a marketplace for artists to sell their products


I am a hobbyist soap maker. At some point, I decided to sell my handmade soaps on Etsy. But the process of opening my ‘shop’ and listing my product was so much work that I never got around to finish it. So I decided to try simplifying this flow and increase the conversion rate.


Make it easy and delightful for me to list my products for sale on Harmony.


I did a survey and some in-person interviews with creatives based in Portland and San Francisco. I also played around with existing products in the market.



I closely followed material design principles for my design and went for a peaceful and serene and yet professional feel to make people feel like they are in control. For this, I used ample white space, desaturated colors, fonts that are easy on eyes and balanced that with sharpness of fonts and many corners and straight lines. I added moments of delight through animations and motion.


.I conducted remote unmoderated user study using peek and in-person study with a friend. I found that my workflow still had too many steps so I decided to further cut down some details.