Nom Nom

Nom Nom is an iOS app for people to order food from nearby food trucks


I wanted to find and start with a user segment that could use Nom Nom several days a week - people who will go the extra trouble of downloading, using, and configuring a whole new app. Based on competitive research, some user interviews with food truck customers, and my intuition, I decided to start with daily office goers who regularly depend on (or could depend on) food trucks for their lunch.


Help me eat fresh and healthy lunch every day during my office lunch break and save me time.



I wanted Nom Nom to have a fresh and friendly look and feel because people are often tired/hungry when they order right before the lunch break. So I used lots of white space, large atomic units, rounded corners, friendly typography, and an energizing color palette.


I conducted remote unmoderated user testing and cafe usability study to validate and iterate on the prototype.